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Personal Interests:

*Smile* I haven't updated these pages in years, except for the pages of the kids. (See links above.) The web is a wonderful way of sharing photos with a large collection of people.

Beth and I enjoy traveling quite a bit. We have been to Japan, Oregon, the Carribean on two cruises, Pennsylvinia, Washington DC, Hawaii, an Alaskan cruise, and various parts of California.

I like playing games of all types and have a group of gamers that play games at lunch three or so times a week. We mostly play board games such as "Settlers of Catan", "Through the Desert", "RoboRally", "TileChess", "Streetcar", "Bohnanza", "Mama Mia", "Acquire", "Ursuppe", "Torres", etc. I also play card games, such as Bridge, Hearts, Spades, and "Oh Hell" when I can't get anyone to play a board game. Sometimes, I'll host a game day on the weekend and we can play longer games like the railroad games "Iron Dragon, Empire Builder, Euro-Rail, etc.) I've even been known to play a computer game or two ("Civilization", "Alpha Centari", "Total Annihilation", "Asheron's Call"), but playing games with friends is a lot more fun than playing by yourself) so I don't tend to play them as much anymore.

Since I spend so much of my time inside, I like to get outside to do physical stuff too. I enjoy hiking, road biking (The best was 2300 miles in 1994), scuba diving, sailing (UCI had 14 foot Lidos and 30 foot Shields that we could take out) and snow skiing (27 days in 94-95, why did I finish my PhD?). Occasionally, I'll even do a little juggling (3 clubs or balls). Beth and I walking around Shoreline park and hiking up with the trees in Big Basin.

I also read a lot of fiction, which mostly consists of science fiction and fantasy, but I do read classics, action thrillers, philosophy and religion books too.

Programming Languages:

I'm a professional program (since high school!) and I like learning new programming languages. Here's the list of ones that I know well: I have also been exposed to Cobol, Fortran, Algol (60 and 68), APL and various assembly languages (8080, 6502, MIX, PDP-11, 80x86).

Doing research in a formal methods group here at UCI, I've also been exposed to several specification languages, such as:

Finally, I can create and modify elisp files (for emacs), latex style files, and bibtex style files ( ugh in postfix! ) with the best of them.


Some Quotes

We do not possess our home, our children, or even our own body. They are only given to us for a short while to treat with care and respect.
  -- Kornfield
You got to sing like you don't need the money, Love like you'll never get hurt You got to dance like nobody's watchin' It's gotta come from the heart If you want it to work.
   -- Kathy Mattea

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